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    ChipsviaTechnology Ltd was founded in 2004, it has the branch offices and R&D centers in HongKong, ShenZhen & JiangXi. It’s an integration company which is focused on the design of 8-bit MCU and 32-bit MCU/DSP/CPU and covers the integrated circuit design, application, sales & services for consumer terminal products, portable multimedia devices, network equipment and WIFI etc..
     Presently, it has a professional IC design and product development team from China and abroad which established the foundation for the company technology development. In its design team, it has many senior engineers and experts on the fields of IC digital design, simulation design and audio/video digital mathematical modeling and operating system. It also has the seasoned talents with profound technology background and affluent semiconductor market experience whose practical experience guides the development of company and the design direction of the core plate product. Simultaneously, the company has hired the experienced sales team who can provide digital, simulation and digital-analog hybrid integrated circuit products to the customers. These excellent talents consolidated the foundation of the company. Love the knowledge, respect the talents have always been the principles of Chipsvia Technology .
     Since the establishment, the company has always been focused on the independent research and application development. After many years’ investment and accumulation, the company has exploited 8-digit general MCU and the chips for card reader, wireless keyboard and mouse, portable power source, entrance guard and bar code scanning system, POS handset, router and camera. It successfully developed “Chipsvia #1” 32-digit MCU which is a significant breakthrough of the design and development & breaks the monopoly situation led by developed countries for a long time. After the prolonged verification test and development, “chipsvia #1” has improved all application functions, optimized the whole performance and power dissipation, reduced the application cost and achieved a very good application scheme on cost performance and power dissipation. At the same time, the company is developing into embeded CPU core “chipsvia #2” and studying the arithmetic of digital signal controller, it will be a good foundation for AV DSP product“chipsvia #3” which is already activated for development.
     ChipsviaTechnology pays high attention to the core technology development and product market protection of the proprietary intellectual property rights. At present, the company has gained integrated circuit layout patent rights from more than 10 countries’ SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office). It’s also applying patent from other developed countries as well. ChipsviaTechnology adheres to the philosophy of “Chinese core, core platform, intelligent core, communication core”. It adopts the advanced technology manufacture procedure and works closely with the well-known manufacturer - FOUNDRY. This year, the company is gradually accelerating the pace to change the 32-digit CPU/DSP to market product by coordinating with the well-known manufacturers to turn the chips into a product and the market, it will strengthen the market development and accelerate the speed to come into the market. ChipsviaTechnology is eager to become a technology and market top runner in the field of MCU and CPU&DSP by unceasing innovation and investment, it’s aimed to become a leader of China IC design and expand its proprietary intellectual property rights of 32-digit “Chinese Core”.

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About Chipsvia
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